Second Six Weeks
                         October 10 - November 15, 1994
                                        Third Grade
Konos Experiments with Romans 13:2 application (Grade: A)
    - Friction - obedience is being "frictionless"
    - Resistance - be "resistance-free" to good authority
Military unit:  WWII (A)
    - Naval operations against enemy activity toward merchant ships from South America, heard Granddad's experience
    - Read 5 books on battles in the Pacific and Europe
Projects and object lessons (A)
    - Candles (Ps. 119:105 - good authority, like light, helps us
            not to stumble)
    - Spice poster
    - Nutrition pie chart (Ps. 104:14 - stewardship of body)
    - Making a workbench (bought the materials)
    - Pictograph map of the U.S. airports and busiest 2-way airports
            (Mark Twain Media
United States geography activity
    - Made mural-size Caribbean map
Morse Code letters e, t, a, o, i, n, s, and h (A)
Spanish:  Passport Spanish for Beginners (40 pp.), pages 1-29 (A)
Typing:  Homerow and row-above-homerow letters (A)
Language arts:  Learning Language Arts through Literature Lessons 1-11 (A)
Spelling:  ELP practice book, pages 1 - 89 (A)
Math:  (A Beka Arithmetic 3 workbook Lessons 1-54 and Making Math Meaningful Modules 16, 17, 18A-D, 19A) Multiplying with carrying, long division, solving open sentences, fractions (A)    
T___'s ratings:
    Math - PF (pretty fun)
    Division - VF (very fun)
    Multiplication - VF
    Open sentences - VB (very boring)
    Music - VF
    Morse Code - VF
    Lunch - VF  

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