Third Six Weeks
                    November 7 - December 16, 1994
                                      Third Grade
Math:  Module 18E and F (multiplication and division) and 19A and B to student activity (fractions).
A Beka pages 107 - 188 (multiplication and division tables to 7, graphing, temperature to odd degrees, telling time to nearest minute, reducing fractions, mixed numbers, scale drawings, order of operations, measures of calendar time, lb. and oz., tsp. and tbsp., Roman numerals to hundreds).
English:  Lessons 11-3 (possessive pronouns, possessives, antonyms, pronoun order with "I" and "me"; suffixes -ing, -tion, -est, -er, -less, -ies, -ful, -ed; prefixes un- and dis-; homonyms (e.g., fault), homophones (e.g., hoarse and horse), "would" contractions, syllables, and word division, adjectives, adverbs, personification, "well" and "good", alphabetizing, subject/predicate, super- and subscripts, compound words, dictionary practice).
Creative Writing: Oliver and His Friends newspaper, poem, science fiction story (Duke Nukem), letter to Santa Claus.
Reading:  Peretti's Dragon's Throat and Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea, the Boxcar Children Schoolhouse Mystery (#10).  Heard read:  Lewis's The Silver Chair (The Chronicles of Narnia).
Spelling:  Finished practice book.
Handwriting:  Copied sentences from models, leaving margins.
Mindbenders:  Finished the A book and did 1-10 in the B book.
Made his workbench with Granddad.
Made a kitchen compost pile (in a milk carton) for potting soil.
Typing:  Started row-below-homerow letters.
Southwestern states:  We read Jed Smith: Young Western Explorer.
Science:  Units on wind, weather, and flight at Metroplex Science Tutorials.  Made a balsa-wood airplane.

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