Fifth Six Weeks
                      February 20 - March 31, 1995
                                End of Third Grade
Math:  Arithmetic 3, pages 295-338, Arithmetic 4, pages 1-14 (95 average)
English:  Language A, pages 81-131 (96)
Journal:  30-35 words minimum a day
History:  U.S. History, pages 1-51 (95)
Spelling:  Lessons 1-3, 20 words each, extra points for noticing spelling or vocabulary words outside of lesson (116)
Logic puzzles:  Penny Press 2/93, #1-7 (100)
Reading:  "Choose Your Own Adventure" books Space Patrol, Master of Tae Kwon Do, and Escape; Picture Bible; Schwarzenegger, by Lipstyle
Science Class: Nervous system, using Bob Jones Science 5
Photography, zoo adventure, and basketball skills at SWDHSA Activities (bimonthly)
Holidays:  Dr. Seuss Day (March 4) and Albert Einstein Day (March 14)
Field trip:  Electric show at The Science Place (Fair Park)
Awards:  Got four "Student of the Week" pins and a "Student of the Month" pin for getting his work done.  

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