First Six Weeks
                                 April 3 - June 2, 1995
                                        Fourth Grade

Math:  Double-digit-divisor long division and greatest common factor (a page to 1 1/2 pages a day in Arithmetic 4, Travis skipped around and did the pages he chose), can sing the multiplication tables to the tune of "Yankee Doodle."  (Grade: 96)

English:  Parts of speech based on original writings and pages Travis chooses in Language A, wrote the text for his Royal Rangers "God and Me" project.  (98)

Spelling:  Lessons 4-8, ten words a lesson, in A Beka Spelling 4, and Units 1 and 2 in Building Spelling Skills, Book 4 (Christian Liberty Press).  He made a 100 on the pretest and looked up a word in the dictionary one day. (109)

History:  Jamestown settlement through the French and Indian War, pages 52-128 in A Beka's The History of Our United States.  Travis can read it himself and answer the questions at the end of the chapters. (101)

Reading:  Pilgrim's Progress (simplified), Clue books 1-8 by A. E. Parker (Who Killed Mr. Boddy?, The Secret Secret Passage, The Case of the Invisible Cat, Mystery at the Masked Ball, Midnight Phone Calls, Booby-Trapped!, The Picture-Perfect Crime, The Clue in the Shadows), Boxcar Children books, by Gertrude Warner, Mystery Ranch, Mike's Mystery, and Indian in the Cupboard and The Return of the Indian by Lynne Banks.

Handwriting:  Journal writing and, the last week, Writing with Grace (Christian Liberty Press).

Art:  Twelve lessons on color in The Lamb's Book of Art, did illustrations for his Royal Rangers "God and Me" project.

Guitar:  Played "As David Did" at Royal Rangers, has an original song, and knows chords em, D, C, A, A7.

Science:  Plants, animal reproduction, and tracks at Science Projects class.  Has some tadpoles.

Activities Day:  Photography (took pictures of still life, spring, trees, and fun), Zoo Adventure (did research on the tiger and designed a zoo), and Basketball (learned various passes and the rules of the game).

Projects:  Made a wooden skeleton of a scorpion and moccasins from kits.

Days Off:  Went to Carlsbad Caverns and McDonald Observatory Easter week, Granddad's Day (May 1), "teacher/student workday" at the Arlington book fair, and Memorial Day.

Awards:  He finished his work every week and got the "Principal's" Award for good behavior three times.


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