First Six Weeks Report
                            January 22 - March 1, 1996
                                        Fifth Grade
     T___ started in his fifth-grade material (Bob Jones math and English and A Beka Old World history).  He is doing fine academically, and I'm not going to list what he's covered, as usual, as a sign that my teaching priorties have changed (plus I have a record in my lesson plan book).  I am concentrating on character training using the academic subjects as the means.  One of our sayings is "A rebellious boy is not a happy boy."
     We had a snow day and two field trips, one with SWDHSA to the Dallas Museum of Art, where a docent taught us about the Greek artifacts and statues, and another one to Pizza Hut.
Grades:  Math A, Spelling A, English A, Writing A, History A, Citizenship B

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