Fourth Six-Weeks Report
                             August 12 - October 4, 1996
                                         Fifth Grade
       T___ had weekly assignments this summer from the back exercise pages of his English 5 grammar book and selected pages in My Seventh-Grade Super Workbook.  At the end of July he said he wanted to start doing school in the summer too so he could take off days in the fall, winter, or spring.  He worked 8 summer days, 2 of which he has already cashed in (once to go to Six Flags with a friend and once because he just wanted to).  We observed Grandmother's Day and Labor Day.
         We will let T___ take the whole month of December off from school if he applies himself without complaining to get a brown belt in karate.  So far he has done that.
         We have done units on Italy, England, and are starting on India.  At the book fair in Plano in August, T___ found a sixth-grade math workbook (Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum, LFBC) he thought he would like.  He finished the geometry unit in his fifth-grade book and is into the new book now.  He's very intuitive in working problems, doing many of them in his head, which didn't work for him when he needed to use the distributive law.  We'll have to swing back around on that lesson.
        One exercise in his Reading Worktext 6 (p. 189) had him look up Bible verses and suggest solutions to problems in stories in Reading 6.  I'm thinking reading in Proverbs will help him to identify solutions to his own problems.  

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