First Reporting Period                        
                           January 7 - February 14, 1997
                                         Sixth Grade
     We took off the twelve days of Christmas this year, hence the January starting date.  T___ likes to plan his own school day, so I let him do that on Fridays if he has completed his work Monday through Thursday of that week .
     I'm getting T___ to focus more on accuracy.  In math, he's been having up to four iterations of corrections.  Before he turns in his work I'm having him mentally check it.  He's discouraged by X's, so I rewrite the problems for him to correct in his math notebook.  Of course, as he matures I won't have to do this.
     We still do school from 9:00 to 3:00 and cover math, English from selected pages in the comprehensive curriculum workbook, history (backwards from the book - most recent to next most recent), reading topics from the worktext, life science (backwards from the text - most complex organisms to least), and cars (the motorcycle and carburetor units).
     T___ is learning Spanish, sign language, and interpretive reading in Activities Day.

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