Ninth Grade, First Six Weeks
August 6 - October 1, 1999
English (World Lit.)  A
Geometry              A
World History         A
Biology               A
Spanish               B
Physics               A
Grammar:  Capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech; coordinate, subordinate, and relative clauses; sentence combining, verb forms, possessives, sentence analysis and construction, analogies, and antonyms (Jenson's Grammar 2)
Spelling:  Frequently misspelled words, silent-e words, hard and soft g and c, misused homonyms, adding suffixes to words ending in y (Hearthstone)
Writing:  2000-word original adventure story (15 handwritten pages)
World Literature:  Classical Greece, Imperial Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance (A Beka)
Geometry - Valid and invalid conclusions, proofs dealing with points, lines, planes, distance, and betweenness of points using the reflexive, symmetric, transitive, substitution, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, and/or square-roots properties (Jacobs Geometry)
World History - Dark Ages, Renaissance, Reformation (A Beka World History, 1 and 2))
Biology - Roots and stems, varieties of plants, human body (A Beka)
Lab:  Start compost pile, yard work
Spanish - Vocabulary pertaining to food, school subjects, and action verbs (1st-person singular conjugation)
Physics - Aerodynamics of race cars, scientific notation, unit conversion (Saxon Physics)

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