Ninth Grade, Second Six Weeks
October 5 - November 24, 1999
English (World Lit.)  A
Geometry              A
World History         A
Biology               A
Spanish               A
Physics               A
     Grammar:  Passive relative patterns, noun functions, infinitives, analogies, antonyms, editing
     Spelling:  Vocabulary, -s or -es suffixes, plurals of words ending in o, similar words; suffixes where consonant is doubled, silent e is dropped, or y is changed to i; ie words, possessive rules
     Writing:  Continuation of original adventure story (37 handwritten pages total), proofreading and correcting, critical analysis of an illustrated children's book
     World Literature:  Read selections from the Renaissance and Reformation periods; from the Post-Reformation period read Scenes I-IV of Hamlet (saw a dramatization) and up to Chapter IX in Cervantes's Don Quixote (so far)
Geometry – Exercises and proofs dealing with line segments, polygons, rays, and supplementary and complementary angles; periodic algebra review
English History - Post-Reformation Europe; English history starting from the Celts, through the Norman conquest, and into the reigns of the Plantagenet kings
Biology - Bones and muscles, the nervous system, crop-bed preparation and sustainability
Spanish - Telling time and everyday activities, more verb conjugation, dialogs from a computer program, wrote a dialog to go with pictures
Physics - Adding vectors in polar or rectangular form using trigonometry and Pythagorean theorem, mass vs. weight (newtons), relation of mass to volume (density)

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