Ninth Grade, Third Six Weeks
November 29, 1999, - January 28, 2000
English (World Lit.)  B
Geometry              A
World History         A
Biology               B
Spanish               A
Physics               B
     Grammar:  Identifying infinitive phrases and their particular functions, diagramming various sentence patterns, object complements, interjections, infinitives; usage through editing exercises (e.g., revising dangling modifiers, maintaining proper verb tense, eliminating unnecessary words, writing out numbers)
     Spelling:  -able and -ible hints, spelling tests and vocabulary exercises
     Writing:  Short story á la Chaucer, Twain research
     World Literature:  Chapters IX - XIX in Don Quixote, Chaucer, sonnets, Pilgrim's Progress (adapted), a little of Huckleberry Finn and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Geometry - Definitions and theorems concerning perpendicular lines, refining work by double checking, rays and angles, congruent triangles, ASA and SAS proofs, algebra review
English History - Houses of Lancaster and York, War of the Roses, Capetian and Valois French kings, Hundred Years' War, Tudor kings, Elizabethan Age
Biology - Nutrition and mechanical and chemical processes of digestion, yard work
Spanish - Reflexive, object, and possessive pronouns, future, conjugation, accent rules, dictionary use, dialog based on sequence of illustrations
Physics - Significant digits, getting the right answer, vector equations, forces in equilibrium

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