Tenth Grade, Seventh Six Weeks
August 20 - November 2, 2001
             Algebra 2
             World/American History
English (with Robin Kempert) - Compare and contrast, and persuasive papers, research note cards, comic-strip exposition on how to make a mirror, development of personal web page
Algebra 2 - Problem sets A and B and 1 through 7 (Saxon), second- and higher-order determinates to solve linear-equation systems, f(x) terminology, mathematical models; traces, intercepts, and solutions of equations with three or more variables; augmented matrices to solve second- and higher-order systems, linear inequalities, finding optimum points by linear programming (Foerster)
World History - Challenges to European imperialism (Latin American revolts, Monroe Doctrine), rivalry of the nations, the scramble for Africa, social Darwinism, Nietzsche (nihilism), Hegel (dialectics), Kant (humanistic faith), Kierkegaard (existentialism), the rise of cults (Streams of Civilization, Vol. 2)
American History - Bill of Rights through the War of 1812, the nation grows and grows apart, the Civil War (Cimint's Young People's History), read Stephen Vincent Benet's "The Devil and Daniel Webster"
Economics - Definitions, history, Adam Smith, factors of production, laws of supply and demand, factors that can shift demand and supply curves, equilibrium, free market economy; profit, with expense including opportunity cost and wage of management (A Beka)
Chemistry - Nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry; acids, bases, and salts; corrosion of iron, voltaic cells
    Lab:  Assembly of models of crystal structures, preparation and properties of  oxygen, different forms of sulfur, boiling points of solvents and solutions, demonstration of Tyndall effect, verification that temperature and concentration affect reaction rate (summer), demonstration of Le Chatelier's principle, various tests on hydrocarbons and substituted hydrocarbons; pH measurement of different concentrations of a solution by three indicators, hydrolysis of salts, demonstration of a buffer solution, use of buret
German - Second set of tapes and Book 1

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