Eleventh Grade - Fifth Reporting Period
October 21- December 6, 2002
English (British Literature)- Read ten chapters of Lilith, by George MacDonald, and the five acts of King Lear, wrote a radio drama (speech synthesizer on computer) with clever plot reminiscent of King Lear  
World History - Read news- and Civil War-magazine articles and editorials on current events and the culture, particularly on Zimbabwe, Congo, General Pinochet of Chili, Southerner John Calhoun; attended debate forums for 2002 local candidates and saw President Bush at SMU.  
Economics - Studied communist and socialist economies, read a book on entrepreneurship.
Advanced Math - Practiced with 45° and 30°-60° triangles, sums and inverses of trigonometric functions, sketching exponential functions, including those with bases between 0 and 1, word  problems dealing with age and rate (if 5 workers can do 1 job in 8 days, how many for 3 jobs in 7 days?), logarithmic equations, logic puzzles.
Physics - Newton's First, Second, and Third Laws of motion, mass and weight, the normal force, coefficients of static and kinetic friction, translational and rotational equilibrium, rotational motion and torque, objects on an inclined surface, applying Newton's Second Law to more than one object at a time.
Computer Science - Made three pages for his web site and a Flash menu program. Practiced using header files, variables, functions, and control structures in his C++ class (taught by Dan Harlin).
Ham Radio - Learned Ohm's Law, practiced receiving Morse code.
German - Expanded vocabulary through pictures accompanying stories, which conveyed use of prepositions, plurals, pronouns, and past tense of verbs.  This is the end of the two-year program.
Violin - Was the soloist for The Lord's Strings orchestra concert , playing Bourée, by J.S. Bach, learned a Haydn duet for a recital, is working on Mendelssohn's Concerto in e-minor.
Bowling – Practiced.

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