Eleventh Grade, Sixth Reporting Period
December 6, 2002 - February 28, 2003
British Literature: Read half of The Laird’s Inheritance, by George MacDonald; and  “Ainulindale,” from Silmarillion, and Father Christmas by Tolkien.
Grammar: Identified verbals, their phrases, type, and function, wrote sentences that fit formulas (e.g., Part S V O c/c S Appos V Pp) and were tied into a single story (Jenson's Grammar, 3).
World History - Read news articles and editorials pertaining to the new House GOP leader DeLay, the lottery, domestic security, movie ratings, Navy fighter pilots, affirmative action, Baghdad crimes, and anti-conversion edict in India.  Attended a meeting in which a former state legislator spoke about the newly elected Texas Republican-majority House, the first since Reconstruction.  Did an overview of WWI (Historical Atlas).  Read about Roanoke, Jamestown, and the Puritans in A History of the American People, by Paul Johnson.
Economics - Globalism and trade practices, peacekeeping, international charity, environmental issues, Malthus, laws and regulations on American businesses, the moral foundation of economics (i.e., honesty, integrity, industriousness, fortitude, generosity).  End of the course.
Advanced Math - Signs, inverses, sums, and reciprocals of trigonometric functions; factorial, summation, and permutation notation; change (Δ) in coordinates, distance formula, upstream/downstream rate problems, the line as a locus (equidistant from two points) and five forms of linear equations, the midpoint formula, radians, similar polygons, logarithm equations.  
Physics - Worked problems involving Newton's Second Laws of motion, uniform circular motion, gravity, work, energy, and power.  End of course.
Ham Radio - Passed the Morse code section for the Technician Class license (will take the written section next month), went to a Society of Broadcast Engineers meeting and saw a demonstration of a computerized, state-of-the-art audio console for a TV station.
Computer Science - Worked on a few new web site pages, Flash menus, preloaders, and animations.  Diagnosed a network problem.  Learned about C++ class design, random number generators, and source code management from his co-op class.  Learned about Linux file systems, running Linux on a Playstation 2, and participated in an e-bay auction for a Playstation 2.
Latin - First and second declensions and future tense.
Violin - Mendelssohn's Concerto in e-minor, Francois Schubert L’Abeille, studies, and scales, started Haydn’s Concerto No. 1 in C major.
Bowling - Improved score to 121.
Cooked - Chicken spaghetti, biscuit tamale pie, flan, beef stew, sausage pizza.

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