Description of Straightaway Home School
The school name signifies going full speed ahead like on a straightaway of a race track.  Curriculum was custom-tailored to T___'s interests and needs, so he was one year ahead by junior high.  In the twelfth grade he took advanced math and advanced chemistry instead of graduating early.  Reporting periods were flexible in length and didn't follow a set calendar for beginning and ending.  Not being confined to strict course schedules, when certain opportunities or leadings presented themselves we followed them.  Also, sometimes courses were combined with others for a grade and sometimes courses were not given grades.  T___’s high school transcript reflects this.
    We began home schooling after T___ finished the second six weeks of the third grade at a public school.  He was so unhappy there, although well-behaved and making good grades, that his teacher suggested home schooling.  The school counselor encouraged it and the principal was agreeable to it.  Straightaway Home School provided T___ with the best education academically for high IQ.  But besides that, we as his parents soon realized the tremendous privilege and duty we had before God to train him in the way he should go (Deut.6:5-7), for which we are very thankful and rejoice in its success.  What would it profit T___ if he gained the whole world but lost his soul (Mt. 16:26)?  Our top priority was that he be trained to keep his heart with all diligence; for out of his heart, not his intellect, are the issues of life. (Pro. 4:23).
High School Course Summary
English - 4 years
Math - 4 years
Science - 4 years (2+ years of lab science)
American History/Government - 2 years
World History - 2 ½ years
Foreign Language - 4 years (2+ years of German)
P.E. - 3 years
5 Electives

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