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We homeschooled our son from the second six weeks of the third grade, October 10, 1994, till he graduated from high school, May 22, 2004.  You can see the flexibility of a home school reflected in our son's homeschool high school transcript.  For the details of what we did for each subject, our homeschool report cards are posted below.  Homeschool parents customize their teaching to their children, so this is not meant as a guideline, but perhaps as an inspiration.

As the Texas Home School Coalition T-shirt says, "I home school in Texas . . . where people are free!"  The only stipulations are that we must teach the three R's and good citizenship and use books, which a bona fide homeschooler would do anyway.

What about Socialization?  An interesting and ironic answer to one of the most common criticisms of homeschooling.

After homeschooling for ten years, I decided to take the plunge and teach at a public high school.  The hostility of the student body there was quite an eye-opener.  I advise public school parents to carefully read the links below.

A Peek into the Public Schools,
My Personal Teaching Experience,
Testimony of My Trial at the Public Schools.

Joining a Classical Conversations community is one way to provide your child with a quality education.

Please feel free to .

Homeschool Description

3rd Grade - 2nd Six Weeks
3rd Grade - 3rd Six Weeks
3rd Grade - 4th Six Weeks
3rd Grade - 5th Six Weeks

4th Grade - 1st Six Weeks
4th Grade - 2nd Six Weeks
4th Grade - 3rd Six Weeks
4th Grade - 4th Six Weeks

5th Grade - 1st Six Weeks
5th Grade - 2nd Six Weeks
5th Grade - 3rd Six Weeks
5th Grade - 4th Six Weeks
5th Grade - 5th Reporting Period

6th Grade - 1st Reporting Period
6th Grade - 2nd Reporting Period

Middle School

High School Transcript [PDF]

High School Textbooks

9th Grade - 1st Six Weeks
9th Grade - 2nd Six Weeks
9th Grade - 3rd Six Weeks
9th Grade - 4th Six Weeks
9th Grade - 5th Six Weeks
9th Grade - 6th Six Weeks

10th Grade - 1st Six Weeks
10th Grade - 2nd Six Weeks
10th Grade - 3rd Six Weeks
10th Grade - 4th Six Weeks
10th Grade - 5th Six Weeks
10th Grade - 6th Six Weeks
10th Grade - 7th Six Weeks

11th Grade - 1st Six Weeks
11th Grade - 2nd Reporting Period
11th Grade - 3rd Reporting Period
11th Grade - 4th Reporting Period
11th Grade - 5th Reporting Period
11th Grade - 6th Reporting Period

12th Grade - 1st Reporting Period
12th Grade - 2nd Reporting Period
12th Grade - 3rd Reporting Period
12th Grade - 4th Reporting Period
12th Grade - 5th Reporting Period
12th Grade - 6th Reporting Period

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